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Jaap Geerlof is the author of several books and academic and public articles on leadership and social and organizational transformation.


On becoming a transformative leader

On becoming a Transformative Leader: Leading in a Complexifying World (Kalistratous Publishers, 2019)

The current leadership lacks the leadership presence to deal with the complexification of our world. Even more so their policies converted centuries-old challenges—like inequality, resource exploitation, environmental degradation and upholding democratic values—into wicked problems. These endanger the future of humanity. Transformative leadership could be one of the answers to these challenges. This book presents the theoretical foundation of transformative leadership and describes the pathway of becoming a transformative leader.

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The Awakening of Soulful Leaders

The Awakening of Soulful Leaders (Kalistratous publishers, 2014)

Our world is changing rapidly and at the brink of the beginning of a new era. However, the present leadership is still based on a paradigm of a bygone era and thus not capable of solving the various crises our world is facing today, whereas the people in the street are progressively aware of an inevitable change. Our future leaders will have to be geared to guide the impending transformation. A transition that will not emerge automatically: future leadership requires an outright different set of core competences, which will have to be developed and trained.

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Geerlof, J. (2020). Coronacrisis exposes the need for transformative leadership, 7/21.
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Geerlof, J. (2019). A new social contract: Substituting the neoliberal public policy paradigm with a participatory paradigm. World Futures, 75(4), 222-241.

Geerlof, J. (2017). Learning to embrace the paradox of leadership. Integral Leadership Review, 8/31.
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Geerlof, J. & van Beckhoven, A. (2016). Complexity, self-organization and leadership: Enlivened experiences from the Netherlands. Integral Leadership Review, 4/28.
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